My Chase Debit Card Has Been Compromised?

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So, i got a call today from chase saying my card has been compromised because a third party somehow got ahold of my debit card number and they are sending me a new one. luckily, there has been no purchases on my account. but im trying to figure out how this happened, i use my debit card almost everyday but none in any bad stores, i use it at fast food places, walmart and my college cafeteria. and I wonder if someone got it online somehow. But i havent bought anything online on a non-reliable website. I’ve used it on ebay, paypal and target. so my question is, what is your advice on this? Should I stop buying things online to prevent it from happening? Also, is it possible for a virus or keylogger to go on my computer and get my account number which i’ve typed it before?



  1. Super GREG says:

    yes, dont use it online.
    and dont lend it to anyone and only you should SWIPE it. no one else.
    and if you need a debit card, you can buy one, with a dollar amount that YOU put on it,
    like $50. , at some stores, like: KROGERS, and this way, they can steal no more than the small amount that you have on that “one time use” card.
    it only costs $3. at krogers, to buy and get the card. plus the amount that you choose to load the card with. so: like: its: $53. dollars to get the card.

  2. Brian says:

    You will probably never know. The more you use the card, the higher the chance of it being compromised. Luckily, liability is limited so I wouldn’t worry about this. I’m a retired banker and consider myself very careful but have had my card information stolen twice (never found out how).
    I would make sure you have updated anti virus software on your computer and run a scan.

  3. Casey Y says:

    Never use a debit card online, only credit. If someone takes money out of your account (a debit), that money is likely gone and the responsibility falls onto you to resolve the issue. If you use credit, the vendor has to prove if you contest.
    It wasn’t the website, most likely your computer that was the issue. You could have also gotten scanned (not scammed) and the RFID information taken from the card.

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