Help With Psychosocial Development?

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1. According to Erikson, the early adulthood stage brings many serious risks.
_____ 2. Research confirms that a secure identity fosters attainment of intimacy.
_____ 3. In Levinson’s theory, the life structure has little to do with one’s happiness and psychological well-being.
_____ 4. Most career-oriented women display “split dreams” in which both marriage and career are prominent.
_____ 5. “Settling down” accurately describes women’s experiences during their thirties.
_____ 6. Both Vaillant and Levinson agree that quality of relationships with important people shape the life course.
_____ 7. According to Vaillant, during their forties, men focus on career consolidation and individual achievement.
_____ 8. Valliant’s findings indicate that young women undergo a series of changes that are much different than the experiences of men.
_____ 9. Few societies have time tables for accomplishing major developmental tasks.
_____ 10. A major source of personality change in adulthood is conformity to or departure from the social clock.
true or false? :D

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