Help With Vanilla Mastercard Total Credits?

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I recently bought 3 $25 vanilla mastercard pre-paid cards to use on steam. I know for a fact that they do work with steam as I have used them in the past. I’m having trouble using them this time though. I’m trying to add the funds from the cards onto my steam wallet (again, I have done it in the past so I know it works) but when I do this time I keep getting the error saying that the bank is holding the funds.
I have them all activated on the site and when I check the balances I see this on all of them:
Total Holds/Preauths (-) what is this? $0.00
Total Debits(-) $0.00
Total Credits(+) $50.68
Available Gift Card Balance $25.00
2 transactions found, displaying all transactions.1
Transaction Date Transaction Debit Credit
11/20/2011 01:26 AM INCOMM
990400 Gift Card Activation Gift Card Activation:Credit $25.00
11/19/2011 01:10 PM INCOMM
970200 Denied Denied : Delayed Redemption $25.68
What does the “delayed redemption” mean, and why is the total credits $50.68? I would very much appreciate the answer. Thank you.

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