1. ang. says:

    Yes they can. u have to close your account.

  2. Huntsman says:

    It’s a pre-authorized debit. Your account will still be charged

  3. Ed Fox says:

    This is obvious blatant dishonesty and you cannot expect the loan provider to work with you as they might do if you did the normal thing and contacted them. They will simply pass your delinquent loan to a collection agency and the final stage will be a court summons.

  4. Mercy says:

    yep they can

  5. I have No Knickname says:

    I’d ring them and let them know your situation. You could end up in court, they won’t just let it go.

  6. Say Bye says:

    If you gave them your bank account number and routing information then they can get it from the account. IE you gave them a voided check or anything like that.
    And if you don’t pay them, they will go after you for payment anyway. So you may as well just pay them.

  7. Madame Pico says:

    You’re heading straight for trouble. Why not contact the Payday loan company and get part of the loan deferred to the following month?
    If you simply choose not to pay them, the interest will continue to mount – you will wreck your credit and could well be taken to court and have bailiffs appointed.

  8. L says:

    If you cancel the direct debit with your bank the company shouldn’t be able to take the money from your bank. I have done it before when I couldn’t afford my car and they simply sent me a letter telling me about the outstanding payment.
    If you are struggling with your repayments you can always call the loan company and they will be able to put you on a payment plan although I think this does effect your credit scoring.
    Hope you get it sorted.

  9. neallesh says:

    good idea…lol

  10. STEVEN F says:

    Reporting the card lost does not stop charged authorized BEFORE the alleged loss of the card. In the case of the payday loan, they are NOT using the card number anyway. They are charging your account directly using the information that will NOT change unless you completely close your account.
    Your details make it clear you ALREADY know the answer. You just don’t WANT it to be true. Your additional details make it clear that Ed was ENTIRELY correct. As soon as I post this answer, I will have to read his.

  11. buchanan says:

    Sometimes its not a great choice but the only choice. Good luck to you.

  12. linda says:

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