How Do I Delete The Billing Info On My Iphone 4 Please Help?

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So on my college ID they put all my let over financial aid n I had like ten dollars on it so and since my college iD is a MasterCard n a debit card I put the information of it on my iPhone but know my card ran out of money n it won’t let me download the free apps it says that it hS a problem with previous purchase see I tried to buy a song but it didn’t let me anymore bc my card ran out of money n I want to delete my card info so I can download free apps please someone help me what do I do do I have to take it to Verizon btw I don’t have another card to replace it with

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  1. John Smith says:

    If you don’t have another card to replace it with then you’re only option is to either set up a new iTunes account, back-up your phone and wipe it and then put everything back OR just go into Verizon and ask them to take that information off for you.

  2. Cloud says:

    Get a job and get money

  3. Mac Daddy says:

    have you tried to edit your payment information in iTunes? The previous poster is correct, in that your Apple ID is in suspended status to purchase anything (anything except podcasts or iTunes U you get in iTunes, free or not, is considered a purchase). If you changed your payment card, iTunes will want to charge that to bring your account current. Otherwise, be prepared to start using a new Apple ID.
    in short, the billing info on your phone is the billing info attached to your Apple ID, regardless of device or computer you use to connect to and “purchase” content in iTunes.

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