Maximum Bank Withdrawal Lloyds Tsb?

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I am currently waiting on small pension lump sum being paid into my bank but i need to take out a chunk of it to pay off shopacheck the door to door lenders and i want to know as I can’t pay the guy who comes to the door with my visa debit card how much can i get out of the bank at one time and do i need identification

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  1. Steve B says:

    Ring the bank in advance and ask them ..
    In the ‘old days’ it was ‘a few thousand’, however these days there is so much fraud (and chances are the ‘work experience’ kid behind the counter wasn’t even born the last time you visited the bank), so I expect it’s ‘about £1,000′
    re: ID = what do you think ?
    (maybe your bank will hand over ££ thousands in cash to the first person who comes in and asks for it, but getting more than £500 out of my bank is like extracting blood from a stone ..)

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